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I have 10+ years experience in helping B2B/B2C companies to develop their Web products.

My focus is saving your time and money by getting a deep understanding of your needs, providing full-cycle product development from design to deployment and further evolution.
My technical skills include:
✔ CMS Development with Wordpress
✔ Chrome Extension
✔ Backend: PHP, Python, Yii1, Yii2, Phalcon; Node.js (Sails.js)
✔ Frontend: jQuery, Vue.JS, ReactJS, Angular, Css3, Less, Handlebars, Html5, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX.
✔ Charts & Reports: PHPlot, chart.js, cytoscape.js
✔ Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis. Have experience in working with large (300-500GB) databases
✔ Version control: Git, Mercurial

Have a lot of experience in web applications, RESTFul API & SOAP services, and clients, using Google and Yandex services (including Google and Yandex Maps), authorization/authentication with OpenID / OAuth, Twitter, Facebook services 


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